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The Chameleon Couch
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Nucleus of The Aghoriverse Volume 1: The Foundation of the Creative Multiverses of Aghori Shaivite

Nucleus of The Aghoriverse Volume 1: The Foundation of the Creative Multiverses of Aghori Shaivite - Aghori Shaivite Aghori Shaivite has created his own list of villains & heroes. After the fall of the united states people start to suit up to fight crime. The first who started Demetrius. Who fought crime and the mob. But then others came fourth. Like Capn' Death, Katherine Duquette, (The Bride of Capn Death), Simon Deathtrap.

A character I could grow to love; Deathdreams. Her childhood was quite simple
before her family disowned her as a teenager for being a lesbian. Feeling the pressures of a
scary world around her, Deathdreams would eventually find a supportive family with the Saints
of Death.

This sci-fi comic looks very interesting some very likable characters just from reading their bios. The prelude at the end of this book really pulled me in. I will look in to getting my hands on some of the comics.

Dreary & Naughty: The Abcs of Being Dead

Dreary & Naughty: The Abcs of Being Dead - John LaFleur, Shawn Dubin In this book Dreary goes to the other side of the darkside to find himself. The illustration and little rhymes gives a great tale for young readers. Suggested age group 8-12

Six Dead Spots

Six Dead Spots - Gregor Xane I'm a sucker for sleep deprived, dreaming and crazy people. Novels.

Gregor gives us Frank a man who wakes up with six spots on his body. A reacuring dream that he thinks has the answers. His family is worried with his bizarre behavior and the way he is living.

The last 60% is very interesting leaves you glued to the conclusion. Gregor has created a dream of deranged man. I mean seriously who lets a full magazine from a gun on a helpless golf cart.

A creepy gray baby doll arm is watching you from the crack in the wall.

Will stay in my top ten reads for 2014


Ticktock - Paul Michael, Dean Koontz It been awhile since I read a book from master of suspense and this book made remember what I have been missing.

A rag doll turns into a freighting terror. Chasing a couple through the streets. Stealing cars with ease they conclude to an ending with a twist.

Horror, Suspense with a drop of Sci-fi gives you the time ticking read of amazement. TICK TOCK!


Clockfire - Jonathan Ball Not what I was expecting but enjoyed the outcome. A sketch of unusual plays in front of am audience or the audience takes part in the strange plays.

Let me give you a peek behind the curtains.....

"The clock displays the correct time and is in perfect working order. The actors sneak behind the audience and set the theater on fire. Exeunt."

"Doppelgangers; Only one from each pair may exit the theater. The other must remain, dead or alive, to attend the next performance."

"The audience enters the theater. One at a time. As they enter, they are slaughtered. The curtain hangs in mid-air"

"A magician appears onstage. The audience disappears, and is never seen again. Though arrested, imprisoned and tortured, our magician reveals no secrets."

"Offer your life to the labyrinth, your eyes to its endless, impossible walls"

The Earworm Inception

The Earworm Inception - Jon Konrath Konrath puts the "POP" in culture with enough laughter that would make cracking a rib after an Evil Knivel stunt; jumping over 20 refrigerators being ravaged through by a quarter of Somalia, while riding in a shopping cart. Feel like tickle.
**yea thats my attempt at Pop Culture**

But Konrath is WAY better than that. I wanted to quote so much of this, but I remembered Eddie Murphy's stand up comedy "Delirious" where he says never tell someone else's jokes cuz it sounds like shit.

Just read this you will ROFL, LOL, LMAO and many other laughing fits.

Joe R. Lansdale's The Drive-In

The Drive-In - Andres Guinaldo, Joe R. Lansdale All hail the Popcorn King!!

This is some great B-rated reading. As Lansdale said himself. What the Drive-in movies use to be. But something was missing and it wasn't the black & white comic.

Maybe the actual story by itself would have been more interesting.

The Misadventures of Dreary and Naughty

The Misadventures of Dreary and Naughty - 'John LaFleur',  'Shawn Dubin' A little short of a moral.

"Don't ostracize those
who are not like you;
Accept them for kindness
Is what you should do.

What more can be said,
To save you your breath.....

Don't pick on the children
Of the Devil and Death"

As quoted from last page a tale of two outcasts in school. Made fun of, laughed at and not so cool because they look different. They become loved ones.

I received this from publisher and the two other books in series.

RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death

RIP: Choices After Death (Volume 1) - Daniel Sherrier Excellent! Ghostbusters meets The Six Sense; Starring Jason Statham as the ghost neck snapper.

Rip sees a ghost at a young age and runs from the basement with freight. Years later as an adult he meets Serissa a female ghost who teaches him his gift. The gift of sending the "bad" ghost to heaven or hell.

This is a great concept and just to think there is more to come. I also think this would make a great comic book series. Very likeable characters, Fight sequences that gives the pages some great action.

I will be waiting for the next in this series and checking out Daniel Sherrier's Sci-fi novellas called "Earth in Space Vol.1 Where are the little green men".
Bone Meal Broth - Adam Cesare A collection of shorts that leave you wondering and some that crawl up your skin and leave you checking for bugs or mice.

*Flies in the Brain- Lobotomize the Grandma, but there is more than brain tissue inside.

*Pink Tissue- The search for a sister becomes more than just money.

*Trap- Mice do more than play, when it comes to revenge.

I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head (Wesleyan Poetry)

I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head - Yusef Komunyakaa I started reading Komunyakaa's work with his translation on Gilgamesh. All his poetry collections have interesting titles such as this one, Chameleon Couch and Lost in the Bone Wheel Factory.

This collection has a crap load of great lines as well as entire poetry stanzas. My favorites listed below.

-After the Heart's Interrogation
-The Heart's Graveyard Shift
-The Falling-Down Song
-Dreambook Bestiary
-Jonestown: More eyes for Jadwiga's Dream
-Landscape for the Disappeared
-Childs Play
-Raw Data for an unfinished Questionnaire

"if only they'd fold their crepe-paper wings over bruised eyes & see nothing but night in their brains."

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases - Alan M. Clark, Brian M. Stableford, Cory Doctorow, China MiƩville, Michael Moorcock, Jeffrey Ford, Brendan Connell, Kage Baker, Liz Williams, Rikki Ducornet, Rhys Hughes, Mark Roberts, Jeff VanderMeer, Neil Gaiman Jeff Vandermeer founder of genre "New Weird" brings all the weirdos together to update the chapbooks and pocket guides of Thackeray T. Lambshead's discredited diseases.

An all star cast of authors such as; Neil Gainman, Alan Moore, Cory Doctorow. to name a few and some of my favorites Brian Evenson, Paul Di Filippo, and Steve Aylett. Of all 56 contributers they all put weird sickness on the pages.

My Favorites:
-Chronic Zygotio Dermis Disorder
-Fungal Disenchantment
-Fuseli's Disease
-Hsing's Spontaneous Self-Flaying Sarcoma
-Third Eye Infection

International Steampunk Fashions

International Steampunk Fashions - Victoriana Lady Lisa I picked this up from Netgalley already knowing the low down on the "Steampunk Genre" The first 10 or so pages tells you.

The photographs in this book are cool, I am a fan of the steampunk world. Near the end of this book is a list of internet sites where you can buy swag.

One day I will dress in these clothes and go shopping for groceries.

Viper Rum (Poets, Penguin)

Viper Rum - Mary Karr Just look at the cover of this poetry collection, and know after reading this review. It's something you can sink your teeth into.

I will be looking into more of Mary Karr. My favorites below.

-Viper Rum
-Incant Against Suicide
-The Last of the Brooding Miserables
-Domestic Ruins
-Lifecycle Stairmaster
-Choosen Blindness

The Cannibals of Candyland

The Cannibals of Candyland - Carlton Mellick III I can read a lot of this strange shit that bizarro dishes out, but children mutilation I believe is my limit. When it becomes the main focus.

This tale by founder of bizarro "My favorite genre" Mr. Carlton Mellrick. Takes us over to Candyland of the cannibals. Not a roll of the dice for the youngsters or sugar coated like the body parts these creatures walk around with but bizarre and disturbing at some points.

Suggestive reading for a person who may want to lay off the sweets for awhile or if you want some death with your sweet.

Strange Flesh

Strange Flesh - William Logan When I seen all the bad ratings I thought this was distasteful poetry. "Strange Flesh" and a cover of a naked woman also gave me that assumption.

But this was boring poetry, my second one this month that blew monkey farts.