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Clockfire - Jonathan Ball Not what I was expecting but enjoyed the outcome. A sketch of unusual plays in front of am audience or the audience takes part in the strange plays.

Let me give you a peek behind the curtains.....

"The clock displays the correct time and is in perfect working order. The actors sneak behind the audience and set the theater on fire. Exeunt."

"Doppelgangers; Only one from each pair may exit the theater. The other must remain, dead or alive, to attend the next performance."

"The audience enters the theater. One at a time. As they enter, they are slaughtered. The curtain hangs in mid-air"

"A magician appears onstage. The audience disappears, and is never seen again. Though arrested, imprisoned and tortured, our magician reveals no secrets."

"Offer your life to the labyrinth, your eyes to its endless, impossible walls"