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I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head (Wesleyan Poetry)

I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head - Yusef Komunyakaa I started reading Komunyakaa's work with his translation on Gilgamesh. All his poetry collections have interesting titles such as this one, Chameleon Couch and Lost in the Bone Wheel Factory.

This collection has a crap load of great lines as well as entire poetry stanzas. My favorites listed below.

-After the Heart's Interrogation
-The Heart's Graveyard Shift
-The Falling-Down Song
-Dreambook Bestiary
-Jonestown: More eyes for Jadwiga's Dream
-Landscape for the Disappeared
-Childs Play
-Raw Data for an unfinished Questionnaire

"if only they'd fold their crepe-paper wings over bruised eyes & see nothing but night in their brains."