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Splintered Door

Splintered Door - Marion Grace Woolley Open the "Splintered Door" and find the mind of Marion Grace Woolley. Fantasy worlds and bizarre stories.

The Butterfly's Predator
A twenty five year old watches over his sister as she looks out to the woods dazed. He takes his eyes of her and she is gone. A tale combined with butterflies and death in an unfortunate way.

The Fairy of the Birch
The capture of a fairy to bring joy. Warned of their ways the little girl gets one in a jar trapped. She tricked them until the next morning the discovery of something different. Who tricked who?

"Invisible Flowers" is amazing with a little bit of prose writting very vivid, well told.

"Luscious Boy" after a flicker of the curtain, the squeaky floor boards and the story of the boy. Its hard to believe this short ghost story.

The River of the Elves
An acid trip with a group of elves and a bizarre world that could of used a better explanation but great story overall. 4 stars.