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Not Before Bed

Not Before Bed - Craig Hallam This collection of short stories is a grab bag, with a little bit of everything. The main course is horror but has some fantasy to it as well. A great mix of werewolfs, vampires, walking dead you name it. A great read.

Laughter on The Landing: A yell from above startled the writer but what he finds later is beyond a bloody thought. 4 Stars

Mandy in The Jar-O:
As I read this I kept humming the tune by Metallica " Whiskey in the Jar." An alien experience for a woman trapped in a tube filled with water. 3.5 Stars.

March of the Broken: A poetic romp, Well written 5 stars.

Lovecraft: A girl in the search for love with the wrong taste. Finds an alien created from a spell out of a book. Its E.T. with a bizarre love twist. 5 stars. Very well written.

Upon Walking: "Dreams are unbelievable by their own nature. They don't hold to laws of time or space and pay no heed to our human logic" quoted from author. Was it really a dream? 3 Stars

Sara and the Monster: a bedtime story under the covers, a voice hidden in the shadows and a pawn off to Sara's Stepfather ends with a scream but who? 5 Stars

Albert: Albert is in a mental hospital and have his rants and stories about what he seen, his sociologists takes out on a journey to find the truth. Starts out good, but falls out of interest. 3.5 Stars

Sleeping with The Dead: freaking awesome man takes a body from the morgue in the search for love. Very Funny my type of story. 5 stars.