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Population: One - Jerry Belitch Tara is Marooned on an island after the boat with her Mom and Dad gets tossed around by a storm. All by herself she is later found by a married couple. Husband of couple is running for President and needs a Vice President. Looking for "Eye Candy" as his running mate to bring in the younger voters, Tara is just what he is looking for. What would you say if you were asked this question...."Will you be my Vice President?"

Belitch the author does a great character introduction and some hilarious dialogue. I am not big on politics and could give a rats ass on who is president. I would choose Homer Simpson as President and the Geiko Lizard as Vice President. But I still enjoyed this book.

I found myself cheering for Ron and Tara to win the race to the White House. I will not give away No more but will say I hated the character Svek. Narcissistic bastard...bah! can not stand those type of people. 4 Stars