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The Process Server

The Process Server - L.H. Thomson In the deep future where normal living in the real world is boring. The new "MultiNet" world is more intriguing. We go on a ride through space looking for Archivist Dregba of G'Farg. The process server working for the NTC joins forces with Jayde my favorite character A 250 year old trade war vet, sky pirate who doesn't look a day over 14 years old.

It would be pretty cool to be able to log into a server. Use yourself as an avatar, with a command stroke of keys be able to pull things out of mid-air, travel to any country during any time period. I would get some smoke and spark it with some cavemen, or maybe something else or somewhere.

What caught my eye was a reviewer said the author used an item similar to the idea of Pulp Fiction. To keep the reader entertained. I found myself lost at some times it was a little tough to get through. In the beginning of each chapter the author refers to "The Handbook of Joshua" with quotes from the book. I found these to be rather interesting. A big thanks to LH Thomson for a chance to read The Process Server