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Irv's Odyssey

Irv's Odyssey: Lost in a Looking Glass (Book One) - Irving H. Podolsky I won the trilogy of this series from a blog giveaway. I'm glad I did So far very funny and enjoyable.

Who is Irving Podolsky? A Jewish boy with a dream to be a movie director and writer. With a degree for his dream he finds Hollywood is tougher than he thought. Porno movies become an option and a failed attempt, due to know sexual background himself.

Second job is taking care of mentally challenge/ misbehaving children. With a future promise on an opening in a media department. It gets real funny from this part on.

A roommate, trading sex partners in the same bed and all he wants is a loved one and his dream job. He gets a totally different ride.

Will the Howard Stern lookalike get what he planned in life I will have to read on...... to be continued