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Claus: Legend of the Fat Man

Claus: Legend of the Fat Man - Tony Bertauski Two twin brothers born minutes apart grow together but one is different "cold" as in cold hearted. As Jack grows he is picked on by others even his own brother. They go their separate ways.

Nicolas Santa and his wife are on a voyage in the Arctic regions near the north pole when a horrible storm tears them apart. The search for their warm embrace to be together once again.

A race called Elven are found they are hundreds of years old they are short little people with beards. With their help will husband and wife be together again.

Tony Bertauski author of Annihilation of Foreverland. Takes the story of Santa Claus to a whole new meaning of Christmas. With a heart warming story that's better than a Hot Cup of cocoa. This Christmas be sure to check out this masterpiece of the fat man we once or still believe in. Tony Bertauski as the song goes "you'll go down in hisss-torrr-y"

Thank you for letting me read and review another one of your books!