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Tales From A French Envelope

Tales From A French Envelope - Catfish McDaris, Craig Scott Catfish McDaris is imaginative when it comes to his flash fiction. Next to his beatnik writing compared to the creators. Ginsberg & Kerouac he is a style of his own as well. The second part of book is with Craig Scott. almost all of his poetry is about f**king, tits and ass. Those are great items for my liking, but too much gets repetitive and boring. Hence the four star review.

I have three of his chapbooks and will cherish this man's work. Here are my recommendations and favorites with snappy synopsis for a few.

*Reading Recs*
Jackalope Condoms
Mamasita Mambo
Next Time
Slivers of Death
Never to Old

Gertie's Little Pal a quickie with a dildo

The Good Samaritan: If the fat cow of a women is choking....let it die *lesson learned*

Pinocchio's Wooden Leg a horror tale of a baseball coach with to many sexual partners to coach.

Praise the Lord and Pass the gopher meat
We all have those Aunts, you never wanna see at family events.