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By The Time We Leave Here, We'll Be Friends

By The Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends - J. David Osborne, Jeremy Robert Johnson Ushankas off to Osborne for this frosty horror. The winner of 2010 Wonderland Award. And a well written, blood splattered, debut novel.

Set in the Siberian Gulag a slave labor camp. Slaves plan an escape into the freezing cold. Cold that would probably freeze you in place if hot water was thrown on you.

There escape becomes successful but now the four escaped slaves face nature in the frozen tundras. A small amount of food and some opium to smoke they start there trek to India.

If you want horror that will freeze at your fingertips, gore of mutilated flesh of animal and man and an unforgettable read. Then get your hands on David Osborne's Frost Horror. In the words of Jeremy Robert Johnson "Stay Frosty"