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Meat Suitcase - Wol-vriey I received my copy from Wol-vriey himself in exchange for review. Reviewing one of his books is like trying to open a can of corn with your teeth. Where do you begin? His weird imaginative mind works in mysterious ways.

Welcome to Ekland, the surreal fairy tale landscape where the troops of Deadline Central war against the Ek for the survival of humanity. In this world the battle to end a war that has not even began. Daniel Soldier has a USB plugged anus connected to a suitcase who yells commands into his mind. These commands come from, Sarge a manipulating weaponry specialist.

The war is a surreal battle of lots of cum, strange weapons, recreated limbs and Horse-headed people. (THE EKS) Earth is long gone, and the Eks want to be the only race alive. Beware when you read that at times you may find yourself lost in Wol-vriey's mind, but keep reading it will all fall into place.

The interesting concept used is the story is told in second person, makes you feel like you are part of the team. Spreading blood, sex, and whatever else the Wol-vriey splatters on the page.