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Windeye - Brian Evenson Windeye a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker finalist for an Edgar award and many other awards Mr. Brian Evenson. In my opinion in the top five for horror and dark fiction. I read quite a few of his previous works and haven't been let down. Below are my favorites, but every page will have you wanting more.

Windeye: A game played with her, his sister. Who is she, she disappeared into the "windeye" 5★

Dapplegrim: An inheritance becomes ones master. A steed of death. 4★

The Dismal Mirror: Haunting, sometimes what's missing should stay that way 5★

The Moldau Case: A letter to us readers. On the verge of death of a missing person. 5★

The Tunnel: Evenson makes you feel like you are in "the tunnel" with the three characters. Gripping 5★

The Grottor: A monster that drags it's skin through the caves. A little boy becomes his follower but not by choice. 4★