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DangerRAMA - Danger Slater Danger, Roy Robinson, Danger!

Do you like Sy-fi? Out of this world absurd literature? If you answer yes, then grab your time machines, and spaceships for the ride for life through the mind of the blues of bizarro Danger Slater.

The first of three novellas Knights of White Caste is a time machine goes wrong tale a laughable read but a little dull for me.

Now Somnambulant on the hand is crazy funny. A sleepy disorder of WTF moments. The "Will Smith" we all know makes an odd appearance, that will guarantee smack you in the face with laughter.

The last of the three Me&...... Is a man lost in space that gives "Finger Fucking" a whole new meaning. One small step for man. One huge laugh brought to you by Danger Rama.