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The Endlands (vol 1)

The Endlands - Vincent Hobbes, Patrick C. Greene, Cristin Martin, David Stubblefield, Janelle Garcia, Craig Wessel, Tamara Wilhite, Nathan Palmer, Jordan Benoit, Jairus Reddy, Jennifer Chapman, Christina Estabrook A walk into "The Endlands" brings some interesting tales in the likes of The Twilight Zone. I was looking forward to this anthology after reading a couple of Vincent Hobbes kindle singles. My favorites are listed below.

"A Night in Polidoria" Silver lining walls, garlic clove gardens, holy water in cupboards. But when the sun goes down its choose life or death. Cristin Martin writes a vampiring short of two choices. 3.5 Stars.

"Limbo Population 458" The discovery of an abandoned town. The towns people seem strange almost real. Vincent gives an eerie tale that will leave you saying. She should've went Pee in the woods. 5 Stars

Vincent Hobbes second story "To Read or Not to Read" that is not the question though. It's how much time you want to buy? An imaginary 5 Stars.

"Propaganda" is a story about a man manipulated by a film pointing at the enemy. But in reality its him. The Enemy! A fast pace war story. 5 Stars for Nathan Palmer.