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Control Bird Alt Delete (Iowa Poetry Prize)

Control Bird Alt Delete (Iowa Poetry Prize) - Alexandria Peary I received a copy from Netgalley after reading a short synopsis about New England and Massachusetts. I knew I was about to read landscape poetry, but I didn't catch my reading pleasure.

I hate to be the first rating with a 2 star review, but the landscape settings had to much "Spring" for me. (that season rips apart my sinuses) As for other readers still check this out its well written at some points from my eyes, just not my type of poetry. My favorite poem was Electrolux. Below is a short quote I pulled from a poem labeled "Lilac" (although I have no idea what it means, but like it)

"I make e's perform like emoticons of grumpy old men in a pyramid of cheerleaders and piece with a shadow of a woman's hat interlocks with a grasshopper on a bed."