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Boston Posh

Boston Posh - Wol-vriey The man who defines weird returns with a 400 page bizarro tale, that takes place in the state capital of the town I grew up in.

Do you like chicken straight off the cutting board? Or how bout liver? and that pre packaged garbage at the grocery store, Human liver. Assuming no one raised there hand to second one lets go in to more details.

Boston 2026 over-taken by dragons and dinosaurs. (I kept picturing Super Mario brother alternative Brooklyn, but without the plumbers) Pimps, strange sexual situations and a group of cutlery who is saying "Fork the world and everyone in it"

Just read this Wol-vriey's work doesn't even need a synopsis, if you read his other books you know your in for a ride. If not start here and hang on to your jaw because it may drop to the floor.