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City of Insomnia

City of Insomnia - Victor Infante Pure poetic. City of Insomnia is dreams left unheard. The words upon these pages is a labyrinth of words and when you find your way to the end. You just want to read it again.

Pg. 19
"No exorcism for ghost that walk like the living, that telephone desperate and starving from gas stations parking lots, begging change for reheated burritos a mausoleum of Styrofoam wrappers."

Pg. 31
The apocalypse leaves a burnt-hair aftertaste. The skyline is on fire. We drank the last of the gasoline with tequila.

Pg. 47
Vader and I are chain-smoking on the porch. I'm going slowly, because he always bums when he runs out. Evidently they don't buy their own on the dark side.

Pg. 73
There are strangers' lost shadows and ebay selling Phoenix eggs.

Write Bloody Publishing knows how to pick there writers. This is the third book of theirs I came across. I am looking into many other titles from this catalog. As for my favorites in Victor Infante's City of Insomnia here are the ones that stood out for me, but the whole poetry collection is amazing.

-Karen's First Murder, Age 12
-Play One More for My Radio Sweetheart
-Waiting For the World to End
-Another American July
-New Year's Day