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Carnival of Death, the

The Carnival of Death - L. Ron Hubbard, R.F. Daley, Jason Faunt, Lori Jablons, Christina Huntington, Tait Ruppert This is my first audiobook, which I also won from LibraryThing. I plan to try more audiobooks real soon!

The walk through the carnival of death was a treat for me. Huge fan of Carnivals, Dark and eerie settings. Really enjoyed the music before chapters. The cast of characters and voice overs I think they did a great job. Oh and L Ron Hubbard is a kickass writer.

Almost forgot about. The other short on this audiobook "Death Flyer" was well told. A train ride with the lurking dead, a whisper in the ear. Another eerie tale, that gives the golden era a thumbs up.