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I, Crimsonstreak

I, Crimsonstreak - Matt Adams I really had high hopes for this book. I love the concept and superhumans have always been an interest for me. Story starts out great but takes a swan dive as story unfolds.

*The Clermont Institute for the Criminally Insane: Serving evil-doers and those in need since 1972.*

Dark plague, Crusading Comet, Infrared, Crossworld, *His parents* Miss Lightspeed and Colonel Chaos ( his current enemy)

After escaping from institute Crimesonstreak meets with a pot headed cheetah eating Cheetos after a long swim he ends up in New York.

In search of his mother's death and his father turned villain. Crimson finds the opposite of what he thought and heard from others.

Pop culture, funny dialogue and some interesting characters (see list above) but just didn't do it for me for a top read.