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Texas Biker Zombies from Outer Space

Texas Biker Zombies From Outer Space - Etienne Guerin DeForest EDIT: October 1, 2013
I placed my copy on the take a book leave a book shelf at the YMCA in exchange for Soft Apocalypse. Someone will slip and fall off the treadmill and crack more than a rib laughing.

With a 95% of survival in real life I feel like my odds would be much higher. I'm an agile, fast thinking a strong for my size. But hey you never know.

I decided to read this like a regular book, because the person who gave it to me (I won't say any names) decided to write in the right choices. I would of liked to die with my cock stuck in a zombies' eye socket myself. but its all good in the hood, I definitely had tons of laughs.

If you want to have a run for zombie survival with some really funny choices then read. Warning Not For Children! And drugs are bad mmmm, kay.

Hint for right ending: Follow the 3 simple rules from Scream movie.