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My Mind's Abyss: Suicide Edition

My Mind's Abyss (Suicide Edition)(Recovery, #1) - Volatalistic Phil I have read Phil's poetry collections and was sent a copy of "My Mind's Abyss" as a gift for being a reader of his work. His poetry collection "Scribbles" being his best work. This book had a strong feeling to it.

A mans wit about life and how it tends to spit on you at times. Love, laughter and sad is what "My Mind's Abyss" gives you. All mixed together in kinda a "Go Ask Alice" way. It's not journal entries though just a read that puts truth in black and white.

Some parts of the book, I could relate to. His ex-girlfriend is a crazy bitch with a child. I had one of those in my late teens. Overall it was a readable pleasure.