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Cat Sayings: Wit and Wisdom from the Whiskered Ones

CAT SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from the whiskered ones - Bradford G. Wheler This is a cool little book, but with a big meow. Cat sayings combine famous quotes, dialogue and poetry with pictures from illustrations and pictures from different artists and photographers.

I want to thank the author for the copy. It will now be passed on to my mother inlaw who believes her cats are people. Here are some of my favorite quotes and illustrators.

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. -Grouch Marx-
I have an Egyptian cat he leaves pyramids in every room. -Rodney Dangerfield-

Meow is like aloha it can mean anything. -Hank Ketchum-

Illustrators: Kayla Ascencio, Penny Price, Cal Slater and Mitzi Sato-Wluff