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The Little Mermaid of Death (Zombie Fairy Tales #9)

The Little Mermaid of Death (Zombie Fairy Tales #9) - Kevin Richey Our beloved Ariel is now in the hands of Kevin Richey. Who turns her into an un-dead swamp hag. Ursula being sorta on the good side, but still has her devious ways. Eric is Ursula's brother who wants a family and to rule the kingdom.

Ursula wants to rule also so she plans out a way to stop her brother, death. Giving Ariel an extreme make-over making the swamp hag look beautiful for a short period of time. What Ursula gets is not what she had planned.

This Zombie Fairy Tale dragged for me. Although I did like the way Kevin flipped the story of the original Little Mermaid, but this just wasn't enough for my liking. Overall the beginning started out interesting then the ending being a little predictable. Still looking forward to the Halloween month issue.