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Irv's Odyssey

Irv's Odyssey: Seeking the Way Home (Book Three) - Irving H. Podolsky Who is Irving Podolsky? Did his parents give him that name unfairly? Throughout the whole trilogy these questions are answered, and many more.

From porn stars, college girls, roommates, handicap children and mime artist we laugh, sob and come to a conclusion that we are a visitor in our own world. No matter what path you choose you take the ride to where the journey never ends.

I was in the begininng of this book saying bah to what I knew was going to be a happy ending. But Irv brought in the outer body experiences. Which plays a huge part in the ending of book. I really enjoyed this trilogy. Recommend to all for laughs and if you still don't know Irv Podolsky then you will learn how to except the worst and make the best of it.