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The Day the World Ends: Poems

The Day the World Ends: Poems - Ethan Coen I won this book from a giveaway hosted by www.booksake.blogspot.com check there site out.

One half of the Coen brothers, famous for their movies; Fargo and The Big Lebowski one of my favorite movies. I decided to give poetry another try.

Ethan uses one of my favorite languages "Bad Language" with his poetry of sad, happy, funny and how the world may end. Kinda reminds me of the rock bands song "Tool - Aniema" This will definitely give some laughs and wants to read to others. I have one of his other collection of poetry in my grasp, can't wait to read.

Some of my favorites are. Full Moon, Untamed Hearts, When My Marbles Have Left Me.
Just to name a few. Great Read!