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The Museum of Horrors

The Museum of Horrors - Dennis Etchison, Joyce Carol Oates, Conrad Williams, Th. Metzger, Susan Fry, Charles L. Grant, Peter Straub, William F. Nolan, Lisa Morton, Robert Devereaux, S.P. Somtow, Ramsey Campbell, Melanie Tem, Tom Piccirilli, Darren O. Godfrey, Joel Lane, Gordon Linzner, Richard L From back of cover: Here for the first time in paperback are eighteen original tales of terror and the grotesque

Those two underlined words fit three of the tales. The other 15 makes good shorts, but couldn't scare a seven year old. Glad I only bought this for a dollar.

These are my favorite and only Hammerhead fits "TERROR AND GROTESQUE"

Kings of Outer Space by Peter Akins: a little trip of sci-fi and where her husband is? 3.5 stars

Inland, Shoreline by Darren O. Godfrey: a boys dad is nothing to him. "good shot dad" the boy says on a hunting trip. His cousin was the entended target, years later the boy has his target..... 4 stars

Hammerhead by Richard Laymon: has to be the best out of the whole collection. A man beats people in the head with a hammer and gives us a front row seat. 5 solid stars.